Wednesday, 9 March 2011

a bird

Here is my finished hand drawn traditional flight cycle of a black headed gull.

It consists of a 21 frame take off, a 7 frame flight cycle used 3 times in my video and a 22 frame landing.

Enjoy, i did :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Flight Animation

Currently working on a few projects one of which is a traditional drawn animated flight of a bird.
This includes the bird taking off, a flight cycle and a landing.
First off i have started by drawing some birds. Mainly to get use to drawing them and to learn the anatomy. As we see all birds look very different therefore have different types of flight due to mass, weight, function etc. I am going to focus on a medium sizes bird like a pigeon or seagull, this is the easiest to resource.

Here are some of my drawing i first did to get in the mood for the project.

These are some rough animation poses i did during a lecture.

I then went out into Bristol to whiteness some bird flight first hand.

This i broke down into a sequence of images using quicktime pro:

 more images to come .......